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Northside Business Spotlight

Paper Maker of the Northside

The Black Women’s Wealth Alliance (BWWA) is the first Black owned and lead Public Benefit Corporation in Minnesota and the only financial institution focused specifically on the financial prosperity of Historical Black women. The idea came to CEO and President Kenya McKnight Ahad during the last year of her Bush Fellowship in 2014 as a way to help Black women create generational Black wealth. Owned and operated by Black women, the BWWA is building off the historical role played by Black women in facilitating cooperative economics. McKnight Ahad focuses on Black women who are known as the “Dollar over community,” an underserved population that doesn’t qualify for poverty-targeting services. She wants to give them support that’s tied to maintaining and growing their self-sufficiency.


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The Toast to Northside Business Awards is an annual event celebrating outstanding Northside businesses and entrepreneurs. Businesses were nominated by their peers with 2018 awards given in the following categories:


  • Business Rock of the Northside: In recognition of the vital role they play in the community and their rock-solid support of those around them

  • Paper Maker of the Northside: In recognition of their business saavy and building wealth in North Minneapolis

  • Scissor Business of the Northside: In recognition of their innovation and ability to CUT through expectations and create change


Business spotlights videography and photography by Farrington Llewellyn of the West Broadway Business & Area Coalition (WBC) with interviewing and website design by Anna Schmiel of NEON. 

These awards were made possible by the newly restarted Northside Business Lunches. These monthly gatherings are opportunities for local businesses to connect and learn about business best practices. These lunches are a collaboration between NEON and WBC, with additional sponsorship by North MPLS and the Northside Neighborhoods Council (NNC).

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