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Northside Economic Opportunity Network (NEON) has been building wealth for low- to moderate-income entrepreneurs since 2006. By building and supporting a diverse, multi-cultural community of entrepreneurs, our approach to business development seeks to bring Northside-grown wealth and vibrancy home to the North Minneapolis.

The current pandemic has accelerated sustained demand for our services as BIPOC entrepreneurs and business owners navigate new and evolving challenges to their viability. NEON is poised for transformative growth to meet this rise in demand and deliver a full range of expertise, business advisement, and wrap-around services to our community of entrepreneurs for years to come. NEON's Grow + Thrive Northside Campaign seeks $5 million in philanthropic investment to grow our organizational capacity.

Funding Priorities


$1.5 Million | Increase NEON’s Business Advisement Staff

  • 3 Business Advisors

  • Loan Officer

  • Chief Financial Officer

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$2 Million | Secure NEON's West Broadway Home

  • Purchase 1007 West Broadway

  • Renovate the Building

  • Enhance Spaces & Technology


$1.5 Million | Build NFBI's Shared Commercial Kitchen

  • Secure a Centrally Accessible Site

  • Build NEON's Shared Commercial Kitchen

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Philanthropic support empowers NEON to make timely investments in key infrastructure and assets to expand programming and services for our clients as they grow and evolve. For more information on NEON's work, opportunities for partnership, and the impact your support can have on North Minneapolis, complete this form—we'll be in touch soon!

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Thank you for your interest in Grow + Thrive Northside! You can expect a follow-up message from our development team soon. You can also contact us directly at or (612) 746-4150.