Northside Business Spotlight

Paper maker of the Northside

What makes your business model unique?

“BWWA is unique in being a Specific Public Benefit Corporation that is focused on the economic aspirations of Historical Black Females. We are a gender-specific owned, operated and focused company. We focus on wealth building and professional development that is culturally specific and grounded in a historical financial trauma frame. We are the only Black Owned company in Minnesota with our specific focus. BWWA is also not unique in some ways when considering the historical presence and work of Black women who have always cultivated our communities economically from the Ella Bakers to the Fannie Lou Hamers to the Ida B. Wells. We see ourselves as revisiting the power and influence of Black women in economics. Black women historically have led the cooperative economic space in the Black community from purchasing land to bury Black men who were killed in war, to purchasing each other’s freedom and so on. We are the primary financial influencers of the Black family. I think the way BWWA shows up today is through our innovation of creating modern economic pathways for a base of people who haven’t been served. We’re doing it in creative, strategic and collaborative ways that show up as services like our 2018 Wealth Academy that has not existed before us.”

What are some of services you offer to Black women?

“We offer racial equity consulting and other strategic services to a broader base of people and systems where we hire Black women as consultants on projects. We provide Black women with opportunities to build their knowledge, skills, relationships and economic opportunities through our wealth literacy, housing education, and some levels of business support services. In addition, we are a partner with the Micro Grant Organization which allows us to provide small grants to the Black women and in some cases Black men we serve.”

What are some of the services you offer to Black women?