Northside Business Spotlight

Paper Maker of the Northside

What does the future of your business look like, and how does this tie into the vision of North Minneapolis?

“Our future is bright although we are still growing our vision. We are working towards being a place of inspiration, growth, development and prosperity for Historical Black women on the Northside and truly throughout the U.S.. We strongly know that by helping Black women, we help and uplift the entire Black family."


"My vision for the Northside is that Black people ultimately create our vision, take full ownership of who we are, the space we live in, our future and take responsibility for creating the economic and social realities that we want to see and need. Part of that requires the Kenya’s of the world continue to rise, be creative, innovative, think and operate outside of the box to create what’s needed to truly thrive in our lives and communities from a mindset and space of prosperity. It’s really important! It’s also important for others to support and invest in the Northside’s capacity to grow and thrive from within and be open to nontraditional ideas that don’t always fit the market scales of success."


"We must balance the culture of dependency with the culture of self-sufficiency: there will always be needs that must be met through the social service systems, yet the dominant energy and systems should serve prosperity through pathways of self-sufficiency. Local Shero’s and Hero’s matter across generations and tend to have a greater impact on motivating the aspirations of local communities. I would like to see more local people lifted up in leadership, decision making, narratives and in creating opportunities. The impact is very different on children when their parents can point to local business and community leaders and say “ I grew up with her or him,” or even the parents or relatives being those leaders themselves playing a role in building in the community. We all must do our part!”