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Paper Maker of the Northside

Chris Webley’s on a mission to change the rules surrounding how we work. Instead of work being centered on profit and competition, Webley’s social enterprise NEW RULES aims to create collaborative, community-centric spaces. The first thing he did when he launched his business in 2016 was ask the community what a useful space looked like to them. His dedication to community is clearly reflected in the three areas he chose to prioritize: food, shared resources, and spaces.


Webley knows finding your passion is a process. A transplant for North Carolina, Webley was exposed to entrepreneurship from a young age. His father owns a janitorial cleaning business, and it wasn’t until Webley was older that he realized the ins and outs of business don’t come naturally to most people. That is why he decided to start NEW RULES. He wanted to create a one-stop shop that would serve as a resource hub and space for people to find and own their passion. With an increasing number of young professionals feeling disenchanted by the traditional educational and corporate paths, Webley wants to support alternative learning. For Webley, entrepreneurship is a way for this generation to own their future. Where Webley sees a knowledge gap is in the day-to-day running of a business. He seeks to uncomplicate the process so more people can make a living pursuing their passion.


NEW RULES, just like the Northside, is in a constant state of growth and evolution. In true entrepreneur fashion, however, Webley sees opportunity in the unknown. As a real estate developer, he’s teamed up with the Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation and Tri-Construction to develop 5 parcels on West Broadway with the goal of transferring ownership back to the community. Webley believes people and their creativity are the Northside’s greatest assets.


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To reach New Rules call (612) 548-4110 or email New Rules is located at 2015 Lowry Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55411. Hours are Monday - Thursday 11am-7pm and Friday 10am-3pm.

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The Toast to Northside Business Awards is an annual event celebrating outstanding Northside businesses and entrepreneurs. Businesses were nominated by their peers with 2018 awards given in the following categories:


  • Business Rock of the Northside: In recognition of the vital role they play in the community and their rock-solid support of those around them

  • Paper Maker of the Northside: In recognition of their business saavy and building wealth in North Minneapolis

  • Scissor Business of the Northside: In recognition of their innovation and ability to CUT through expectations and create change


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