Northside Business Spotlight

Paper Maker of the Northside

What is NEW RULES? How does your space reflect the community?

"NEW RULES is a real estate development collective built on the idea of creating ecosystems. Currently in this location right now we run what’s called a community marketplace combining shared workspace, retail and event space. Our Creative Workspace is geared towards makers and producers and is similar to the incubator model in that there’s a lot of tools and resources here that we believe help set entrepreneurs up and create a space for success. Our event space is rented out to the public for events. And then there’s the retail component, which we’re just starting to build out more. It encompasses our food, which falls under a separate brand called

PESCA Café & House of Fresh. Under that retail model we also sell a significant amount of artisan work reflective of the community.

Most for-profit entities traditionally operate from a perspective of what’s their bottom line. We approach it quite differently. For us, it is really important to make sure that we’re listening to what the community’s needs are."

What is NEW
RULES? How does your space reflect the community?
What’s your connection to the Northside?

"My connection is that I’m Black quite frankly. I’m a transplant so I always get asked that question. I’m from North Carolina and my take is that a community doesn’t rely on a location so much as value and vision alignment. I am looking to do what I feel that God has asked me to do while here, and I don’t think that it’s location based. What I’m trying to do is see more people who look like me walking in their light. Now that I’ve had the privilege to leave a corporate environment and do what I love each day it’s been very important to me to now go back and teach folks who look like me. Our approach here is really about sharing knowledge and sharing resources. There’s an abundance of it and so our motto is quite contradictory to most businesses who traditionally hoard knowledge and hoard resources."

What’s your connection to the Northside?