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Paper Maker of the Northside

"I started my own company as soon as I graduated from college so I’ve always had my own thing in real estate development going on outside of work. I took a more strategic approach knowing one day I was going to leave corporate whether it was on my own terms or being let go, which is what happened. I was laid off by Target. I remember going in that day knowing it was a 50/50 chance that I would have a job at the end of the day. And I remember walking out and calling my dad with a smile on my face like, “they don’t know what they just did. I’m about to go do what I’m really called here to do.” So I just continued to walk in that light. You know our philosophy here at NEW RULES is that the world looks quite different if everybody’s doing what they’re passionate about. And to do that it’s gonna take some folks who are willing to be that initial person so that the folks coming behind us have it a little easier. It’s about generational wealth building and that’s the sustainability factor."

You mentioned you were in the corporate world. Why did you decide to make the switch?
You mentioned you were in the corporate world. Why did you decide to make the switch?
How did you find your passion?

"For me my passion is problem-solving. That’s what I went to school for: my background is in engineering. You know, learning how to understand the different moving components of a problem. I inherited that from my father: he’s an engineer as well. Also he’s an entrepreneur so you know I had my lawn care business when he had his janitorial cleaning business. So I’ve always sort of been in that entrepreneurial space. Again for me, I think my passion is designing spaces that help other people find their passion. I think that’s just sort of come through the process of being an entrepreneur. For me, I’m at a place in life where I’m more concerned with legacy. I’m able to impart wisdom to the generation coming behind me of like, hey, these are the things that I’ve messed up on and here’s what I’ve learned. Please don’t make these same mistakes. Here are people that I’ve met. Just again trying to shorten the process for them and helping them hone their process."