Northside Business Spotlight

Business Rock of the Northside

What makes your business model unique?

“A lot of people think of the barbershop as a two-way transaction. You come in, get your haircut, you pay and then you leave. Of course, we have that relationship also, but we really want to see the barbershop as more like a community resource hub. I want to be able to connect with people for more than just a haircut. The thing that sets us apart from many other barbershops is just having that mentality. During the holiday season, we do weekly giveaways. It’s giving back: whether it’s need-based or whether it’s me giving away just because that’s what I want to do. Like I said before my passion is people, so if I have things that I can offer I’m going to do that. And I use the barbershop to house whatever it is that I do. Here at the shop we also do a lot of events. As a matter of fact just 2 days ago we had a Super Bowl party here. Back in December, and this will continue to be an annual event, we had Wilson’s Image Ugly Sweater Holiday Potluck. We have health fairs where the U of M, NorthPoint Health and Wellness, Minnesota Black Nurses Association, and Southside Clinic come in and offer medical services and a coupon to get a free haircut. We just had an event a couple of weeks ago where we had the Minneapolis Chief of Police and the newly elected sheriff come in and we had a conversation about community-police relations. We also host educational events here: I had the Minneapolis Public Schools Superintendent and the founder of Harvest Prep/Seed Academy come down and talk about the differences between public and charter schools. We also sometimes get together different business owners to network. The shop is open for any sort of event so long as it’s positive and resourceful for the community.”