Northside Business Spotlight

Business Rock of the Northside

What does the future of your business look like?

“What’s going to stay the same is what we’ve started so far: being more than just a transaction. We’re going to continue to do the things that we do here in the shop, whether it’s the parties or the conversations between the community and the police. There’s other things that we’ll do that I’m not ready to share yet. We certainly will continue to be a major influence right here in the North Minneapolis community. We’re going to continue to connect with people, we’re going to continue to offer resources. You know, we’ll build on it. As things go on and as needs present themselves we’ll do what we can to be involved. Of course, we’re going to continue to build on the apparel line, continue to build on the Wilson’s Image College Scholarship Fund that we have going. We’ll continue to expand: I’ve even thought about maybe opening up another store.”

How do these plans tie into your vision for the future of the Northside?

“I definitely want to see people in better housing situations. There’s a lot of vacant properties around here: some aren’t up to decent living standards, so you have a lot of people that have issues with housing. That’s one area I will say we will get involved in. And just community: treat each other better, really start to look out for each other. Have an open dialogue. A lot of times our problems exist because we aren’t willing to communicate with each other. Community and police relations, those definitely can improve. The onus is on both sides. The police need to do a far, far, far, far better at job dealing with the community. Get out and walk around and meet the business owners, meet the workers, meet the people in the community. Then they’ll realize that just like some of those ideas I had about North because of what I was fed through the media, those things can be broken down once we to talk.”