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Business Spotlight: Fresh N' Blessed

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Watch Fox 9 News special by Dawn Stevens:

"My biggest reason for starting my own business was that I never wanted anyone being in control of my DESTINY! Not saying that there’s anything wrong with working a typical “9-5” but everyone is different and I enjoy the feeling of being my own boss! I love being independent so I figured it was time for me to step up my game and take a chance at becoming successful. Like Jim Carey said: “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love.”

Davontay Davis started Fresh N' Blessed after suffering hardship from a car accident. His incredible passion and drive motivates him to pursue business ownership, even hire family members as he continues to grow.

"What makes my business so unique is the name and what it represents, “Fresh N’ Blessed” is not about boasting and bragging, it’s about the struggle. Knowing and appreciating what or where you came from. One thing I know is that life is not perfect and everyone has a story."

The concept of Fresh N’ Blessed can be related to spiritual, mental, emotional and financial things as well, said Davis. "There is really not an ideal client because it was created to be a universal brand. Something everyone can relate to no matter your age, gender, culture or religion".

Davis was searching for someone to produce #FNB apparel after the former owner that was making the line decided to quit the business. Juxtaposition Arts referred Davis to NEON

to receive help for his small business. "They have helped my lay out a plan, they support my vision and help me with marketing my events".

In the future, Davis says his vision is to grow and develop into the best man that he can be by creating his own lane and laying the foundation of future by growing into an accomplished business man and leader for his family, friends, and community. By being the change he would like to see in others, by doing the Lord's work wherever it leads him.

To reach Fresh N' Blessed, visit their website: or email them at:


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