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Business Spotlight: K's Grocery

Ousman Camara grew up around businesses and entrepreneurs as a child. After gaining operational experience from a friend who owned a store, Ousman decided to venture into entrepreneurship. K's Grocery is a "one stop shop" - with a business model aimed at serving the needs of many customers seeking neighborhood convenience. K's Grocery strives to serve those looking to spend within the north Minneapolis community to ensure wealth is circulated within the northside.

In the future, K's Grocery will introduce fresh ethnic produce and meats to broader community at a second location - primarily serving those interested in accessing improved local food choices. Ousman also seeks to employ 5 new staff members to continue growing access and opportunity in north Minneapolis. Ousman discovered NEON in 2012 and has been involved (attended workshops and received services) over the years, utilizing NEON's lease and location assistance. To reach K's Grocery visit 1021 W Broadway Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55411, call 612-308-3643 or email (morning - evening until 9:00 p.m.)


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